Hello Adelogians!

Let us congrats Adeline! (: this is because Singapore's Mediacorp Actress Zoe Tay, who acted as Adeline's mum in the drama "Devotion" has praised Adeline's great acting skills and effort she put in for this drama on 女优杂志 (NUI YOU magazine) ! 
Congrats to Adeline again! (: Lets hope to see Adeline more on screen!
Adelogians continue to support Adeline! :D

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Hello adelogians,

Adeline will be involved in Smurf Event on 7 Aug 2011 @ Bugis Junction.Her appearance will be @ 3.40pm.Show ur support by bidding the smurf she design! All proceeds will be go to charity. :) Do email to adelogyworld@hotmail.sg ,with the title : "Smurf Event" if you coming wif us! (:

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Hello adelogians! (:

Adeline will be acting in a new drama called "Rescue 995". The drama will be aired on the 3rd of Feb 2012 till 6th of March 2012. There will be more upcoming updates on her new drama. So stay tune to this webpage and also twitter ((:

赞银将会参与另一部戏剧『Resuce 995 九九五』~暫定是22集~從明年2月3號到3月6號播出~更多關於这部戏剧的消息~將會放在我們的網站等等o(^_^)o

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Hello adelogians!

For official member who havent order your tshirt,please do it now!! ((: Time is running out, 4 more days to deadline! 
faster order your shirt now through "FORMS" at the top, its under "MORE.."
Hope to receive orders soon!
As for new site visitors, what are you waiting for? (:

Another thing for Adelogians to take note is that our dear Adeline will be performing on the 31st July Channel 5 President Star Charity Show! So give her your support and not forgetting to do charity! ((:

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Hey Adelogians and site visitors! (:

Please note that only OFFICIAL members of this club (means those who join our club) can purchase the Fanclub shirt! So do sign up as a member first before ordering the tshirt!
As for the official members,please make your tshirt order asap!!
Deadline is 31st july 2011 11pm! (:

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Thanks for coming down to support Adeline @ Water Margins Event!!! Thanks for Adelogians shout out for Adel! You all did a GREAT JOB!! YAY!! The Admin had record a video of Adeline wanna to tell her fans! :)))
Hello Adelogians! (:
Our official fan club t-shirt is here!
Below are photos of the finalize design of the t-shirt! (:
First image will be the FRONT of the shirt, and the last image will be the BACK of the shirt.
Our shirt will be round neck plain tee and its in PINK colour! (:
It cost $20 per shirt! ((:
**To order your t-shirt,please go to the top tab bar, under the tab called "MORE.." there will another tab call "FORMS", Just click on it and you will see a ORDER FORM to fill in! :D
Hello adelogians! (:

Please note that our Twitter name has changed from "linzanyin" to "adelogyworld" !
This means our twitter link has changed too!
It is now http://www.twitter.com/adelogyworld !
Please make sure you update yourself and follow the correct one ((:

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Happy Birthday to our dearest Adeline! 

May your wishes come true!(: stay pretty and happy always! :D 
All Adelogians will continue to support you and wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Do remember to take good care of your health and may you excel in your acting career! 

With lots of love,
Adelogy World


*Adelogians may leave your birthday wishes at Facebook,twitter or even our Talkbox! (:
Message from Adeline:

"There is this charity event whereby the artistes all design a smurf doll. I'll also design my doll and then it will be auctioned! Its for I weekly and 8 Days. So bid for the doll as all proceeds go to the charity! ((: "


We will update you all again on how to bid the doll! So do keep a lookout on this website! ((: 

Signing off; Alena