Catch Adeline in On the Edge Tonight @ Channel 5 10pm ! She will be one of the celebrity guest to talk about Teens Pregnancy ! :D
Doesn’t the sweetness make you cringe and blush? 白宝乡(Dennis Chew 周崇庆) and 温小柔(Adeline Lim 林赞银) kissing! Seems that all couples in “It’s A Wonderful Life” have a happy ending.  有情人终成眷属.~ Remember watch 好运到 which debuts next yr Jan 21,9pm ! :D 
Too long din see Adeline appearing @ events already ? And here is it ! 

Adeline will be appearing @ Bugis Junction this fri for Toggle Event! :)

Details as below :)

Date : 26/10/2012
Time : 4pm-6pm (Adeline will be appearing @ 430-530pm)
Location : Bugis Junction Fountain Area! 

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Catch Adeline as Siew May tonight in Mata Mata! 7pm on Channel 5 Testube! :)
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Xinmsn recently did a interview with Adeline and one of her lovely dog - Bernard :)
Watch out the article interview here -
And also there is a video interview of Adeline talks about her dog Bernard! :)

You can view @ Xinmsn too - :)
Thanks to Joanna Goh and Alan from XINMSN for the write-up and video! :)
Do remember to watch Code of Law next thur 8pm! :) 
Adeline is involved in this Ep! So do support! 
She act as a 15 year old school girl call Kylie :)
Watch the trailer first :) 
Didnt managed to catch which Romeo and Adeline act in this trailer [ 20 ways to win a girl's heart?] ~ It had been shown in channel 5 on last tue :)) Here are the YOUTUBE version :)

Latest Latest! :) 

Latest New Drama info!!! :) Our Dearest Adeline will be involved in a 13 Epsiode drama call 创 StartUp! More info will update soon ! Do suppport this drama as it will be shown in Channel U! :)

Meanwhile! If you miss Adel on TV!~Freak not!!! 

She will be appearing in next thur 7pm - 20 ways to win a girl's heart and next fri same timing Mata Mata on Channel 5! :):)
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For those who miss yesterday United Neighbour Society~ here the youtube version! 

Credit to Xinmsn for the video. Intentaively you can go to xinmsn to watch as well ! :)