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Latest New Drama info!!! :) Our Dearest Adeline will be involved in a 13 Epsiode drama call 创 StartUp! More info will update soon ! Do suppport this drama as it will be shown in Channel U! :)

Meanwhile! If you miss Adel on TV!~Freak not!!! 

She will be appearing in next thur 7pm - 20 ways to win a girl's heart and next fri same timing Mata Mata on Channel 5! :):)
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For those who miss yesterday United Neighbour Society~ here the youtube version! 

Credit to Xinmsn for the video. Intentaively you can go to xinmsn to watch as well ! :)
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20 ways to win a girl's heart is acted by Romeo and Adeline! 
It will be shown on 11 Oct 7pm on Channel 5! :) 
Mata Mata will be shown on Channel 5 on 12 Oct 7pm ! Do support this 2! :)
Tonight 8pm - 9pm Channel 8 ! Do remember watch United Neighbour Society! It is the Last Epsiode ! And this Epsiode will be special. cos Guoliang and Yifeng will bring 2 groups of artists to 较劲!And our dearest Adeline is involved! Do watch out! :) 
有我们的赞银哦! 和她的戏中[好运到]的老公崇庆 !

On the Edge will be debut on 26th September 2012,10pm on Channel 5
Our Dearest Adeline will be appearing in Ep 1!~

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Why Adeline wanna jump?What happen?
Wanna Poetic Justice this week!Ep 8 and Ep 9! and you will know what happen. =)
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