Hello Adelogians!!

After our October gathering, we would be organizing a year end Christmas cum BBQ gathering during December.
Here are the details of the gathering.

24th December 2011 Saturday


West Coast Park (***Please take note that the venue has been change to West Coast Park instead of East Coast Park!)

To have a gathering before the year end and to have our own Christmas celebration :D

*Things to note:
1)Each person to prepare a gift for our gift exchange(maximum value of gift : $10)
2)Do not write your name on the gift.
3)The BBQ fee is estimated to be $10 per person

The admins will sms all adelogians soon and please do reply us for your confirmation of your attendance :D
Or you can reply through email too! :D 
Hope to see you all on that day! Cheers! :D

Signing off,

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