Hello Adelogians!!

After our October gathering, we would be organizing a year end Christmas cum BBQ gathering during December.
Here are the details of the gathering.

24th December 2011 Saturday


West Coast Park (***Please take note that the venue has been change to West Coast Park instead of East Coast Park!)

To have a gathering before the year end and to have our own Christmas celebration :D

*Things to note:
1)Each person to prepare a gift for our gift exchange(maximum value of gift : $10)
2)Do not write your name on the gift.
3)The BBQ fee is estimated to be $10 per person

The admins will sms all adelogians soon and please do reply us for your confirmation of your attendance :D
Or you can reply through email too! :D 
Hope to see you all on that day! Cheers! :D

Signing off,
Hello Adelogians!!! :D

Our dearest Adeline will be joining the rest of Star Search members in recording the New Year Song which will also be included in Mediacorp's New Year Album next year!
Let's give her our fullest support and look forward to it! :D

Signing Off,
是~~~~[最火搭档2] ! :D


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Join our Adelogyworld Family ^-^ 
1) You can join Adelogyworld by emailing your particulars to adelogyworld@hotmail.sg
2) Membership fee is $20, which is inclusive of our Fanclub T-shirt. Payment can be made upon collection of T-shirt or bank transfer

Benefits of being an Adelogian:
1) Priority will be given for tickets to recordings/closed-door events such as Star awards etc
2) First hand information on Adeline’s news & events
3) Get close and personal with Adeline during private gatherings
4) Participation in our quarterly Adelogians gathering

Rules and Regulations
1) Adelogians are to conduct themselves in a lawful and respectful manner
2) To maintain harmony within Adelogyworld at all times. Should there be any related issues or concerns amongst Adelogians, the Admins should be informed and a solution will be sought
3) As a sign of unity, Adelogians are encouraged to be dressed decently in our Adelogyworld T-shirt for all Adelogyworld activites
4) Confidentiality about any upcoming news and/or updates regarding Adeline should be kept unless told otherwise
5) The Admins reserve the right to the treatment of any Adelogian who disobeyed the rules and regulations above

Adeline appeared on U Weekly last week! Here is the article =)

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Hello Adelogians! (:

I'm here to share more photos of Adeline and her smurf! :D
Take a look below (:

Signing Off;
Hello Adelogians! [:

YESSSSSS! Saw the photo at the side?(:
Adeline got back her smurf! [:
She wants to thank Adelogyworld and also special thanks to Adelogians who contributed in the bidding. (:
We hope to do more for Adeline in future and ofcourse for charity! [;
Keep it up Adelogians, lets continue to support Adeline! (:
Hurray! :D

Signing Off;

Hello Adelogians! (:

YESSSSSSS! We finally got Adeline's Smurf! :D
Yesterday (2nd October 2011 Sunday), Adelogians (Evonne and Alena) went to collect the smurf! (:
Its finally hereeeeeeeeeeee! (: Isnt it cute?? ((:
We will be giving the smurf back to Adeline(: Its consider a present from Adelogyworld! :D
Lets wait for more photos to be posted okay? (:
Cheers! :D

Signing Off;