Hello everyone! :D Its Adelogyworld's recruitment day! (:
Are you a fan of Adeline Lim? Like her acting and will love to support her?
Join Adelogyworld now! Be part of our family and enjoy benefits :D 
1) You can join Adelogyworld by emailing your particulars to [email protected]
2) Membership fee is $20, which is inclusive of our Fanclub T-shirt. Payment can be made upon collection of T-shirt or bank transfer

Benefits of being an Adelogian:
1) Priority will be given for tickets to recordings/closed-door events such as Star awards etc
2) First hand information on Adeline’s news & events
3) Get close and personal with Adeline during private gatherings
4) Participation in our quarterly Adelogians gathering

Rules and Regulations
1) Adelogians are to conduct themselves in a lawful and respectful manner
2) To maintain harmony within Adelogyworld at all times. Should there be any related issues or concerns amongst Adelogians, the Admins should be informed and a solution will be sought
3) As a sign of unity, Adelogians are encouraged to be dressed decently in our Adelogyworld T-shirt for all Adelogyworld activites
4) Confidentiality about any upcoming news and/or updates regarding Adeline should be kept unless told otherwise
5) The Admins reserve the right to the treatment of any Adelogian who disobeyed the rules and regulations above

If you're interested to be part of ADELOGY WORLD, sign up through adelogyworld@hotmail.sg (:

Please include the following details inside the email:
1) Name
2) Contact Number
3) Email address
What are you waiting for?

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Hello adelogians! :D

How's your weekend? (: Yesterday was Adeline's Kpop dance performance at Comchest TrueHearts Charity Show! (:
Below are two videos,one of them is the Baking TVC and the other is Adeline and her fellow dancemates (Romeo,Jeffery,Ian,Kimberly and Elizabeth) 's performance! 
Watch it now if you missed it yesterday! (:

Photos of the charity show are up too! you can find it at our Photo Gallery under "Comchest TrueHearts" tab (:
You can also find the photos at our facebook fanpage! :D
The performance was a great one right? haha! :D
Good job to all mediacorp artisties and also Adeline!! (: 
Adelogians who missed the LIVE show,dont worry as there will be an encore! (:
It will be on the 4th Dec Sunday 3.30pm at Channel 8! Be sure to catch it! (:
And lastly,thanks to the 8 adelogians who went down to support Adeline! :D

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Hello adelogians! :D

Weekends are here! and yes,today is the final rehearsal for TrueHearts Commchest Charity show! (:
Everyone worked hard for this charity show! So adelogians should also show your support by calling the donation hotline or giving moral support to our mediacorp artistes and also Adeline! :D
Tmr will be the event! Remember to catch it LIVE on channel 8 tmr from 7pm to 10pm!
Lets all support Adeline! JIAYOU!! :D
and also not forgetting to enjoy your weekends!!

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Hello Adelogians!

Yesterday (25th Nov) was the rehearsal of the charity show! All the artisites worked hard for it,so do show your support on the 27th Nov by calling the donation lines! (:
Check out the photo gallery "Commchest TrueHearts Charity Show" for the photos taken during rehearsal (:
And incase if you dont remember the hotlines,below is a new TVC of the charity show!
Adeline is featured inside too! 
Check it out! (:

So adelogians, are you all ready for Adeline's kpop dance performance?
Cheer her on and give your fullest support alright! :D

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Hello adelogians!
Here are more updates on Commchest Truehearts charity show! (:
Below is an news article and follow by a online article too! (:

TODAY's online article: http://blogs.todayonline.com/stargazing/2011/11/23/young-stars-at-charity-show-rehearsal/

Two more days to the charity show! Remember to show your support for Adeline and all mediacorp artistes involved in this charity! :D
Note that all new articles (images/photos) will also be uploaded to the photo gallery! So dont worry if you miss out any news on Adeline! (:

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Hello adelogians! (:
Here are more updates on the 27th Nov TrueHearts Commchest Charity show! (:
As shown below (the video and magazine article) :
So stay tune at channel 8 at 7pm on 27th nov! Give your support for Adeline and all the other mediacorp artistes! (:

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Hello adelogians! (:
Yesterday night was Adeline's first hosting event (Asian Pacific Food Expo) at Expo Hall 4!
Thankyou everyone for your support and those who came down to helpout/support (:
Photos are up!! (: Check out all the photos at our photo gallery of this website under the tab "Asian Pacific Food Expo 2011".
Please note:
From today onwards, we will update and post all photos taken during event/ adeline's drama & filming shots all at the photo gallery! So do check the photos frequently and look out for new updated photos too! :D
Each event is given a tab under the photo gallery.
So adelogians,feel free explore on our website alright (:
We shall see you all in the next event! Remember to look for more updates at here,facebook page and even our twitter & weibo!
Enjoy your weekends! :D

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Hello adelogians! (:

Here is another new TVC on the upcoming charity show! (:
Adeline is featured inside,she will be performing kpop dance along with five other mediacorp artistes! (:
Remember to support her and the rest of the mediacorp artisties on the 27th nov! (:
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Hello adelogians! (:
Did you all watched Foodie Dhas last sunday? (: If you miss the chance to watch, no worries! (:
Thanks to Admin Evonne for uploading & recording (:
Watch the video provided below! :D
Enjoy! (:
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Hello adelogians! (:

Comchest Truehearts Charity show TVC is out! (: See the video below, please support Adeline on the 27th nov! (:
Next, 19th nov will be Adeline's first hosting event! Admins have created a facebook event page,so do join the event page to acknowledge your attendance (:
Hope to see all adelogians on that day! Lets gather together and support Adeline! :D

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