Hello adelogians! :D

How's your weekend? (: Yesterday was Adeline's Kpop dance performance at Comchest TrueHearts Charity Show! (:
Below are two videos,one of them is the Baking TVC and the other is Adeline and her fellow dancemates (Romeo,Jeffery,Ian,Kimberly and Elizabeth) 's performance! 
Watch it now if you missed it yesterday! (:

Photos of the charity show are up too! you can find it at our Photo Gallery under "Comchest TrueHearts" tab (:
You can also find the photos at our facebook fanpage! :D
The performance was a great one right? haha! :D
Good job to all mediacorp artisties and also Adeline!! (: 
Adelogians who missed the LIVE show,dont worry as there will be an encore! (:
It will be on the 4th Dec Sunday 3.30pm at Channel 8! Be sure to catch it! (:
And lastly,thanks to the 8 adelogians who went down to support Adeline! :D

Signing Off;

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