Hello adelogians! :D

Adelogy World has come up with a new system! (:
We will be having a "FOUR TIMES PER YEAR OFFICIAL MEMBERS ONLY" Gathering! 
This means all official members meetup once every three months (:
Taking year 2012 as an example,the meet ups will be every LAST Sunday of "JAN, APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER" and then the cycle continues for the following year.
During these four gatherings, one of it will be used to celebrate Adeline's Birthday which falls on JULY! (:
Linking back, the THREE other gatherings is fixed at MINDS CAFE (probably Town area outlet) 1PM to 5PM!
The gatherings are set up for Adelogians to catch up with one another,know new members and also updates and preparation for next Adeline's event (such as making of banners)
** The admins will SMS all members when each gathering draws near, that's when you will reply us whether you are able to make it for the gathering. It is not compulsory but we do encourage all members to join (:

Signing Off,

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