Hello adelogians!(:
Below is an article on Adeline! (: Do take a look! :D
Anyway,Adeline has recorded a video for adelogyworld & adelogians! :D
The video is below (:
If you are not able to video then go to the link provided below:


You can choose to watch it under our "VIDEOS" tab ((:
P.S. I have uploaded alot of videos of Adeline at the tab :D Do check it out!
Here is another video of Adeline! ((:
The video cast are Adeline, Sora and Paige!
Its "My Story ( 友情万岁) trailer"! (:
Its has been uploaded under "VIDEOS" tab too! (:

Lastly, a big thanks to Evonne for uploading the video and most importantly Adeline!! :D 
So sweet of her to record a video for us! :D
Continue to support her! ((:

Signing Off;

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