Nov will have 3 events that Adeline will be involved!!!

1)FUNaMANANIA Party on 16 Nov!
Adeline will be involved in this!! ;) Do watch out for more details :))

2)Drama 30 Gala Show on 18th Nov!
Adeline will be involved in this!!What will be she bringing?Stay tuned of this gala show on 18 nov 7pm on Ch8

3)Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 on 19th Nov!
Adeline will be hosting with Brandon Wong in this event!It will be on 19th Nov 7-8pm @ Singapore Expo Hall 4

Do notes all! :))
Miss out last wed [On The Edge] ? Stay assured. You can watch the catch up tv on xinmsn :) Or intentaively you can catch it @ here ! :)
Catch Adeline in On the Edge Tonight @ Channel 5 10pm ! She will be one of the celebrity guest to talk about Teens Pregnancy ! :D
Doesn’t the sweetness make you cringe and blush? 白宝乡(Dennis Chew 周崇庆) and 温小柔(Adeline Lim 林赞银) kissing! Seems that all couples in “It’s A Wonderful Life” have a happy ending.  有情人终成眷属.~ Remember watch 好运到 which debuts next yr Jan 21,9pm ! :D 
Too long din see Adeline appearing @ events already ? And here is it ! 

Adeline will be appearing @ Bugis Junction this fri for Toggle Event! :)

Details as below :)

Date : 26/10/2012
Time : 4pm-6pm (Adeline will be appearing @ 430-530pm)
Location : Bugis Junction Fountain Area! 

Do Drop by Support! Adelogians,do check e admin sent out the sms! :D Hope to cya den! 
[YOUTUBE - 视频] - 
Catch Adeline as Siew May tonight in Mata Mata! 7pm on Channel 5 Testube! :)
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Xinmsn recently did a interview with Adeline and one of her lovely dog - Bernard :)
Watch out the article interview here -
And also there is a video interview of Adeline talks about her dog Bernard! :)

You can view @ Xinmsn too - :)
Thanks to Joanna Goh and Alan from XINMSN for the write-up and video! :)
Do remember to watch Code of Law next thur 8pm! :) 
Adeline is involved in this Ep! So do support! 
She act as a 15 year old school girl call Kylie :)
Watch the trailer first :) 
Didnt managed to catch which Romeo and Adeline act in this trailer [ 20 ways to win a girl's heart?] ~ It had been shown in channel 5 on last tue :)) Here are the YOUTUBE version :)