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Do Stay Tuned this Epsiode which will be aired on TV on Oct 1 8pm-9pm! :)
Come down to Bugis + this sun! :) Adeline will be there with the rest of the artists! Adelogians,do noted that pls confirm ur attendance with our dearest Admin by tonight 11.59pm! We hope to see you on that day! Do come come come and support our dearest Adeline!!!!! =D
Just Gotta latest news information!!! our Dearest Adeline will be info in another English Drama - [Mata Mata] !!! ~~~~Stay Tuned for more information!! :) 

And also Do support [微笑正义 Poetic Justice] ! :) It will debut on Sept 11 onwards,every mon - fri 9pm ! :) 
And Do support [微笑正义 Poetic Justice] ! :) It will debut on Sept 11 onwards,every mon - fri 9pm =) Our Dearest Adeline is involved in tis! :))
Adeline will be @ Bugis + this coming sun for the united neighbours society last epsiode! do drop by and come n give our dearest Adeline a support ^^ Hope to cya there! 
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[20 ways to win a girl's heart] is a channel 5 trailer ~ =) It is acted by Adeline and Romeo. Here is one of the photo which is share by Romeo ! Thanks Dude! more photos are in our photos gallery ! Do check it out ~ ~ =D 
Check out the Trailer soon ^___^
Adel attend [好运到 It A Wonderful Life] lensing cermony yesterday! She talks about her role in this drama and how she feel partner with Chongqing who act as her husband in this drama ~~Check it out!  :)
It a wonderful's life will be shown on 21 Jan 2013 onwards ~ Mon to fri @ 9pm ^___^
好运到开镜了!祝福赞银还有其他参与的艺人拍摄顺顺利利!!加油!~~~[Pic credit to Adeline] 

[好运到] & [微笑正义]! 

[最新消息]咱们的赞银将会参与演出明年的贺岁连续剧[好运到] ! ~虽花样人间播完了。9月11号起晚上9点请支持[微笑正义]!赞银有演出这部噢! ^___^ 
Trailer of the Beauty and Fashion Trailer is out!
Our dearest Adeline is involved in the trailer with other artistes!
Here is the trailer!!! =D