Hello Adelogians! (:

Yesterday (8th Sept 2011 Wednesday) our dearest Adelogian Evonne made a trip down to Mediacorp to pay Adeline a visit! 
To add on,she even help all of us write down the messages we want to tell Adeline and make into a big card for her! <3
I know you guys want to see how to card looks like! [:
Adeline loves the card too! :D
Thanks Evonne for the effort and ofcourse all Adelogians who contributed :D
Below is a photo gallery of the photos taken yesterday! Enjoy :D
That's all for the photo! :D
Don't worry as there are more chances to do card together! :D Especially during our adelogians meetup! (:

Lastly, one good news to share with you all! :D
We finally got the bid for Adeline's Smurf! :D We will be collecting it on October. Photos will be up once we collect it! 

Signing Off;

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