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赞银的粉丝们!注意啊!现在你可以投选你心目中最喜欢女角色还有最喜欢couple!~快去Channel 8 Facebook Page 投我们的赞银!呵呵!在Under Unriddle2 !~~~~~ 

Pls do go to Channel 8 facebook and cast a vote under Unriddle 2 to vote for 

1)Best Couple - Joshua and Adeline(Shisan & Xiaona)
2) Best Female - Adeline(Xiaona)
More details are in here  - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150747518930345&set=a.162071900344.117377.98685085344&

Each facebook account got 10 votes. 
So do spread it around to your friends or whoever to cast a vote for our Dearest Adeline ^-^ 

Thanks you for supporting yeah!  ;)

Signing Off;
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