Hello adelogians!

The second batch of shirts are done and ready for collection :D I will inform all of you how to collect and made payment! [:
For those who havent pay and collect at the first batch,I will contact you all asap too!
Do keep a look out for the third batch of shirt! :D

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Hello adelogians! (:

Below is the video of Adeline's Teacher Day Special TVC!
Do keep a lookout on 2nd Sept on TV! :D

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Hello adelogians!

Above is the news article interview with Adeline! :D
Read it alright and you get to know abit more on our dearest Adeline! 
Continue to keep a look out on our facebook page and web for more updates!
Lastly, remember to take note on your tv channels for Adeline Teachers' Day advertisement on 2nd Sept! :D

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Hello Adelogians!

Here is a short update on Adeline! (: Above are some articles on magazine on Adeline! (:
Its basically focusing on the SMURF event and the PSC performance (: Another one will be a reader's views to I-weekly.
Lets hope to see more Adeline's news on media,ofcourse good ones! (:
Continue to support her! 

Our very own Adelogy world and Adeline LED boards will be done soon in a week time! :D
Once done,we will post the photos of it! ;D
Currently we are planning to do banner for Adeline too! :D

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We had a gathering at Mediacorp with Adeline after her SMURF event on the 7th August ((:
I am sure all adelogians enjoyed themselves and so does Adeline! (:
Below are photos and a video to share with you all!
Enjoy :D

There will definitely be more gatherings coming! So do keep a lookout!
And as what Adeline said "Adelogians ROCK! " ((:
See you all soon! ((:

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Credits to Adelogians,Valerie,Evonne for the photos and video! :D
Hello adelogians! (:

On the 7th August 2011 Sunday, Adeline attended the SMURF Event at Bugis Junction!(:
She painted a Smurf and its on auction for charity purpose!
Below are photos taken during the event! (:
For more photos,you can go to our facebook fanpage!
Hope you like and enjoy the photos! :D

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Credits to Adelogians, Elvin and Junhui for the photos! (:
Hello Adelogians! (:

On 6th August 2011 Saturday, Adeline attended the Puma Faas 2011! 
Thankyou adelogians who came down to support her!
Here are some photos and video taken on that day! :D
For more photos,you can browse at our facebook fanpage! (:
Hope you all enjoy the video and photos! :D
Look out for more updates on Adeline! (:

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Credits to Evonne,Valerie,Peiling for video and photos (:
Hello adelogians! :D

Adelogy World has come up with a new system! (:
We will be having a "FOUR TIMES PER YEAR OFFICIAL MEMBERS ONLY" Gathering! 
This means all official members meetup once every three months (:
Taking year 2012 as an example,the meet ups will be every LAST Sunday of "JAN, APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER" and then the cycle continues for the following year.
During these four gatherings, one of it will be used to celebrate Adeline's Birthday which falls on JULY! (:
Linking back, the THREE other gatherings is fixed at MINDS CAFE (probably Town area outlet) 1PM to 5PM!
The gatherings are set up for Adelogians to catch up with one another,know new members and also updates and preparation for next Adeline's event (such as making of banners)
** The admins will SMS all members when each gathering draws near, that's when you will reply us whether you are able to make it for the gathering. It is not compulsory but we do encourage all members to join (:

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Hello adelogians!(:
Below is an article on Adeline! (: Do take a look! :D
Anyway,Adeline has recorded a video for adelogyworld & adelogians! :D
The video is below (:
If you are not able to video then go to the link provided below:


You can choose to watch it under our "VIDEOS" tab ((:
P.S. I have uploaded alot of videos of Adeline at the tab :D Do check it out!
Here is another video of Adeline! ((:
The video cast are Adeline, Sora and Paige!
Its "My Story ( 友情万岁) trailer"! (:
Its has been uploaded under "VIDEOS" tab too! (:

Lastly, a big thanks to Evonne for uploading the video and most importantly Adeline!! :D 
So sweet of her to record a video for us! :D
Continue to support her! ((:

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Hello adelogians,

For clearer version of the article, go to:http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebrity/features/asia/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=5117096&page=1
Well done adeline! (; We should be proud to be a Singaporean and also an adelogian! ;D
Happy National Day in advance! (:

Not forgetting the two events during the weekends were awesome! :D 
Updates on the events will be up soon! (:

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