Hello Adelogians! (:

Saw the photos above? Yes,its our dearest Adeline! :D
Cute right?? :D
Anyway, Adeline will be filming a new drama after 995. Details will ONLY be release and confirmed at a later time.
So do keep a lookout at our facebook page/website/twitter/weibo! :D
Counting down to our gathering! :D its just one month to go~

Signing Off;
Hello Adelogians! (:

Finally the long awaited October gathering! :D This is an outing organized for all adelogians only! :D
Here are the details of the gathering:

30th October 2011 Sunday

2pm to 5pm

Only Be Know by those who going :)

To give out Adelogyworld tshirt to those who havent collect, Collecting of payments for tshirt,LED board and Banner! (: Lastly,to gather all adelogians and have some fun! :D

**Things to note:
1) Those who havent made payment for their shirt, LEDBoard + Banner,please make sure you bring enough cash!
2) Those who had pay all, bring enough cash too, as you might want to buy some food at the cafe (:
3) Its optional to wear Adelogian tshirt, normal clothes will do (:
**4) We will be meeting everyone at Raffles Place Control Station starting from 1.45pm till 2pm(: Those who are late will have to go to the cafe by themselves! (unless you really dont know how to go or with specific reasons)

Lastly, a final reminder of the prices:
1) Adelogian Shirt= $20 for each member
2) LED Board + Banner = $15 for each member

The admins will sms all adelogians soon and please do reply us for your confirmation of your attendance :D
Hope to see you all on that day! Cheers! :D

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Dearest Adelogians :))

We had just set up our adelogyworld weibo !!~ quick 来关注我们哦! 呵呵~~~~
Our FC weibo address :
http://www.weibo.com/adelogyworld =) another way to follow us! :D

Signing Off,
Evonne ~~
Dearest Adelogians!!~

Adeline had just  set up her 微薄 account ! :) For those who had微薄 ~~~do go n 关注她~ :D
here is the link for her weibo account ! :) Her weibo account is : http://www.weibo.com/adelogy  ~~~
Do Go and Follow her oh! :D

Signing Off ~
Evonne ^-^
Hello adelogians! :D

Here is the long waited photos of the LED boards and Adeline! :D
Photos are attached below!
Enjoy the photos and hope you guys like the LED boards! :D
Lastly, we have finalized the banner design but currently still on hold (:
And not forgetting that October is coming which means our Adelogians meetup will be soon! (:
So do keep a look out, the admins will notify you all soon! (:

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Hello Adelogians! (:

Yesterday (8th Sept 2011 Wednesday) our dearest Adelogian Evonne made a trip down to Mediacorp to pay Adeline a visit! 
To add on,she even help all of us write down the messages we want to tell Adeline and make into a big card for her! <3
I know you guys want to see how to card looks like! [:
Adeline loves the card too! :D
Thanks Evonne for the effort and ofcourse all Adelogians who contributed :D
Below is a photo gallery of the photos taken yesterday! Enjoy :D
That's all for the photo! :D
Don't worry as there are more chances to do card together! :D Especially during our adelogians meetup! (:

Lastly, one good news to share with you all! :D
We finally got the bid for Adeline's Smurf! :D We will be collecting it on October. Photos will be up once we collect it! 

Signing Off;
Hello Adelogians! (:

Adeline's Teacher day Advertisment is out! :D
Check it out below,and not forgetting the photos too! (:
(Credits: Evonne)

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